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What we do

Our purpose is to assist you and your business to become a RUNAWAY SUCCESS.

Runaway: Runaway can be used to describe a situation in which something increases or develops very quickly and cannot be controlled.

Success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

synonyms: favourable outcome, successfulness, favourable result, successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph

If you feel unsure or doubt any aspect of your personal or business abilities, then it is our purpose to assist you to identify and overcome those obstacles.

“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail” is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin

You will walk away from any of our strategic planning programs with an action plan on how to become a runaway success.

Our Services Include: Personal Development, Business Development, Assistance in buying or selling a business, Financial planning and HR Services.

Who we are

Runaway Success is a team of persons who are experienced in their specific field and if you have a problem where you feel knowledge is lacking, we identify a specialist who can assist you.

The team includes persons such as owners of successful businesses, life coaches, financial planners, auditors, human resource specialists, brand developers, business analysts and legal advisors, web designers and whomever we need to advance you or your business.

Our purpose is to help you identify the weak links in your armor and assist you to strengthen those links.

Our Team

Our team of experts.

Altus Strydom a business owner with more than 30 years’ experience in starting and managing his own businesses. During his career he gained hard earned experience in managing people, large projects and business in remote locations in various African countries. From 2012, after selling his last big business, he concentrated more on lecturing and presenting papers in a technical field. During this period he realized the enormous personal and business problems that current day entrepreneurs face and together with other seasoned and experienced professionals started Runaway Success which purpose it is to coach people and businesses to become a success in anything that they do.

His motto is “DO IT NOW” and his passion is Strategic Planning and developing strategies for successful execution of any goal.

He is a registered Geomatics Practitioner and Qualified NBI Solutions finding practitioner.

Niek is a Chartered Accountant and his specialities include analysing the financial viability of your current and future business, scrutinizing financial statements and advising in matters seen as feasibility studies and business plans.


·         University of South Africa B Compt (1975) and B Compt Honnours (1977)
·         Rand Afrikaans University H. Dip Tax (1998)
·         Professional qualifications Chartered Accountant (S.A.) (1978)
·         Analysing clients’ financial history with the view of financing its future funding needs
·         Prepared feasibility studies to prove (or decline) funding requests
·         Analysing clients’ businesses to consider requests for finance
·         Analysing feasibility studies
·         Structuring transactions to optimise funding and tax efficiency
·         Private equity funding transactions
·         Structured lending solutions where term loans were designed to meet the client’s needs without compromising the bank’s security position
·         Presenting structured finance transactions to medium sized clients
·         Structured finance funding structures, mostly to municipalities and Water Boards
·         Corporate Finance Department, attending to mergers and acquisitions, valuations and later private equity investments

Dr Leonora de Villiers holds several degrees in the field of Psychology and has been in private practice for more than 25 years. She has a broad interest in business management, research and personal development. In her private practice she specialises in adult and child psychology.  As a clinical, vocational and educational psychologist she has extensive experience in training, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching.

She does extensive one-on-one coaching sessions in inter-personal skills, communication skills, organisational behaviour modification and effective stress management. Her personal motto that one should never be a prisoner of your own perceptions has been the cornerstone of her psychotherapy practice. She is an avid believer in the development of the human mind.

Her work experience comprises of mentoring, lecturing and doing skills development courses for post-graduate students. As a qualified NBI (Neetling Brain Index) practitioner, her focus has been on conducting brain profiling indexes, and the development of whole brain functioning in adults and teenagers where Emotional Intelligence coaching forms an integral part of the NBI development process.

She is passionate about trauma and marriage counselling and has had numerous successes with assisting people suffering from anxiety and depression

 Christoff Ferreira is an experienced Human Resources and Employee Relations specialist. He has a B.Com Degree in Human Resources Management. (UP) He is also a member of Frontiers Employers Organisation.

He has 13 years’ experience in the Human Resources and Employee Relations field. During this time he worked as Group Human Resources Manager at Hydro Sebenza Isizwe with a staff compliment of 250 permanent employees and a 1000 temporary workers throughout South Africa and worked as a management consultant specializing in HR and ER.

Projects that he has overseen includes but is not limited to;

  • HR Audits
  • Implementation of HR systems
  • Labour Litigation (CCMA and Bargaining Council)
  • Implementation and managing disciplinary policies and procedures.
  • Training and Development projects
  • Employment Equity implementation projects.
  • Recruitment, Induction and Exit process review and new process implementation
  • Payroll Management

Wico is a Financial Planner at a leading Financial Services company, with 14 years’ experience. He completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning in 2008 and accordingly received his Certified Financial Planner designation. He also holds an Honours degree in BCom Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management.


Wico has experience as a stockbroker, portfolio manager and wealth manager to high net-worth clients and provide clients with holistic financial planning and advice, which include but not limited to:

  • Investment advice (both Local and Offshore)
  • Financial management
  • Local and Offshore Share portfolios
  • Estate planning.

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